About Us

Marr Residence Management Board

Della Marshall- Chairperson
David Kirton – City Council rep.
Dean Boyle – City of Saskatoon, Infrastructure Services Department
Barb Lucas – City of Saskatoon, Recording Secretary
Braedan Hafichuk – Nutana Community Association rep.
Andrew Whiting – Member at Large
Olivia Swerhone-Wick – Member at Large
Tina Frerichs – Member at Large
Karen Waldner – Member at Large


Opportunities exist for volunteers to assist in the garden or to help with summer tours and weekend events.  See the Marr Volunteer Form for more details.

Download Volunteer Form (PDF, 0.15MB)


Subject to the discretion of the Marr Management Board, the Marr may be available for rentals to not-for-profit groups.  See the Marr Rental Form for more details.

Download Marr Residence Rental Policy (PDF)

Donating artifacts to the Marr

The Marr Residence is the oldest building in Saskatoon still on its original site. The house was built in 1884 by Sandy Marr. In 1885 the house served as a field hospital during the Riel Rebellion. The house and property are now owned by the City of Saskatoon, who granted municipal designation as a heritage site in 1982. A City appointed Management Board oversees the property.

The Management Board’s mandate is to manage the historic property by maintaining and enhancing the historical integrity of the site, provide public access develop programs that increase public awareness of Saskatoon’s heritage. Without question the Marr house with its collection of artifacts and archaeological finds is a tangible representation of Saskatoon’s heritage and history.

The Marr Residence Management Board has two collections:

1. The Primary /Permanent Collection: Any relevant household objects or artifacts or documents that have a proven connection (provenance) to the house and property, the Marr family or to its use as a field hospital. Note: All archaeological finds from the property in possession of the City of Saskatoon are owned by the Province of Saskatchewan.

2. The Secondary (teaching/working) collection: Any objects including documents and photographs that although do not have a direct provenance or connection to the house, Marr family or use of the house as a field hospital are nonetheless appropriate and effective in programming, interpreting or animating the story of the Marr house, Marr family and or use of the house as a field hospital.

If you think you have an object or artifact that fits into either of these collections please call the Marr Residence at 652-1201 and a member of the Marr Collections Committee will get back to you to discuss further.