Marr Covid-19 Protocol

1) Tours are to be pre-booked. Tours will be limited to maximum groups of six and will last 30 minutes. The tour will be at 1:00 , 1:30, 2:00, and 2:30 on days that the Marr is open.

Visitors are asked to e-mail the Marr to make a tour request.

2) After pre-booking a Marr representative will contact you. They will ask screening questions such as:

Are you showing any symptoms?

Had contact with anyone testing positive or showing symptoms?

Have you or anyone in your group been out of the province in last 14 days – if yes where?

What is the size of your group?

3) A contact number must be provided.

4) Everyone on the tour must bring their own mask to be worn during the entirety of the tour.

5) There are no bathroom facilities are available

6) There will only be one (1) tour group in the house at a time. If there are any issues the person in charge of the Marr has the final say.

7) Following the tour hand rails and any surfaces that the tour guide determines appropriate will be wiped down. This will take place while the next tour is being given their orientation to the house.

8) Visitors will be greeted by the tour guide on the back deck where protocols for visiting the house will be gone over. Visitors will enter the house via the back door. Tours will start on the main floor and progress to the second floor, then exit via the front door. Visitors will be offered information brochures as they leave the house.

9) Hand sanitizer is to be used prior to entering the house and will be available at the front door.

10) The wearing of a mask is mandatory for all visitors and volunteers.

11) Chairs will be set up on the deck and lawn for visitor use and will be wiping down after being used.

12) Non-compliance with guidelines set out by the Province of Saskatchewan, the City of Saskatoon, or the Marr Residence will result in being asked to leave.